Symbols in Islam

Some Christians say that the cross is a symbol of the church. In the same way, there are symbols in Islam. Well many people think about symbols wen talking to something sensitive like religion. If you see a mosque that has a moon crescent and star on its top, it indicates that the building is for Islam. Moon is crescent is adapted by Muslim from Ottoman Empire.

Another symbol of Islam is the calligraphic writing of the world Allah. It is somehow a holy symbol of the religion. It can not be used by anyone except the Muslims. For them it is really very holy. It is by the way scary for non-Christians to do it.

Hijab is a symbol of Muslim women. Among so many religion, it is Islam that imposes covering he body of a women from head to toe without showing any flesh except the fingers and face. This cloth is called hijab. This is why hijab is needed for all women especially in the most traditional countries like Saudi Arabia. Women are to wear hijab wherever they go.

Halal is symbol mark for eatable foods for all of them. There are so many foods around the world but Muslims eat only the food with this mark. This is to prevent them from eating food that are forbidden from their Quran.

Men have their cap. Small cap on their head. This is symbol of having a title and more respectable person. Muslim men also use white long sleeve robe as a symbol of their religiosity.

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