Islamic Food Corporation

Muslim do not eat anything like other people do. They also have their own beliefs with regards to their foods. This is why when they are associating with other people they are always afraid of the foods that other people eat. If they buy food, they ask “Is there ….in this particular food?”.

Because of these, the Islamic Food Corporation was established. The task of the company is t go through a process checking all the foods if it was prepared and made in a lawful manner. If it is, a product, may it be cookies, meat, snacks, or any kind of grocery items shall be marked with “Halal”, meaning Muslim can eat.

It does not only apply to meat that we generally think they do not eat. It applies to all kinds of foods. If there is no mark, Muslim can not buy that. This is why most products, wherever country it comes from, are marked with “Halal”.

The Islamic Food Corporation have to cooperate with all the Food companies so that they can inspect all of these.

In their Quran, their are foods that are halal, or permitted to eat. This is what they are following since it concerns of their religious life. So those who are store keepers shall tolerate Muslim in the matters of food. They are suppose to freely exercise their freedom just as other people of different religion do.

Religion is not made to hurt others. Rather it is a way to spread peace with each other. However, religion becomes the reason why people fight with one another.

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