Brotherhood Among Muslim People and among Christians

Just as brotherhood exist in Christianity, brotherhood also exist in Islam. The relationship between them are so absurd that if someone hurts their brother, they will revenge. They apply the law written in their Quran, an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth.

This is why if someone kills their brother, they will also kill the killer or the relative of the killer. The do not want that any of their members are being mocked and ridiculed by someone. There is a case that a Muslim was with among the Christians, playing with them.

However, accidentally, the Christian boy hit the Muslim man. What happened next is that the Muslim reported the incident to his kin. The kin went out very angry and shouted mocking and ridiculing the Christian boy saying that he must die to pay what happened. In fact, it was just a trivial matter that happened. The Muslim Boy was not hurt that much and he was not even wounded at all.


However, the problem became big as if the Christian boy did something deadly cause.  This is why brotherhood among Muslims are very dangerous. If one brother was hurt, all Muslim acquaintances will come out and punish the culprit. This kind of brotherhood is so different from the teachings of Christianity. For Christians, a victim has to forgive a person seventy seven times seven. For if we can forgive, we are worthy to be called humans. Humans should forgive each other in order to live peacefully and happily.

Differences Between Christians and Muslim

The differences between Islam and Christians between are like heaven and earth. All the teachings of Christians are different from the teachings of Islam. The commandments of Islam are far from the commandments of Jesus. For example, in terms of marriage, polygamy is allowed for Muslim but Christians only accept monogamy.

Dressing is far from each other. Christians do not dress using the Abaya. However, just many Christians wear dress but not all are doing it. There are so many things that we can see differences between Christians and Muslim especially in the food that we eat.

Muslim have many foods that are forbidden to eat compared to Christians. A lot of people think that Islam is worst when it comes to terrorism. A lot of people know that many terrorism happens in Muslim country and many terrorist come from Muslim country. Terrorism is tolerated in all the country but Christians can not tolerate them. This created a distance between Christians and Muslims. Christianity does not teach killing.

Christians have the freedom to transfer from different denomination to the other. They have the freedom to listen the teachings of different religion. However, it is different in the case of Muslims. Muslims can not listen to other religion. No matter what happens, Muslims can not shift to other religion because if they do this, they will be persecuted by their head. There are many Muslims who were put to death after finding out that they changed religion. In this case, it is somehow scary.

Jihad 101: The two types of Jihad and the understanding of today

We have already heard about it many times and so we have also built our own understanding. We can only understand it on what we hear and what we watch. But in this time we can know more about it as there is a good explanation provided for better understanding. It is already a feeling of discontentment that has been going around since there are wars that are happening that is caused by the rebel groups that are Muslims. Let us all read this first.

You have read that they classified jihad into two types and they focus much now on the number one meaning of it. We can see throughout history that Muslims have caused wars from every part of the country aside from the rebels that are residents of that country. That is the reason why they are viewed negatively all over the world. The crimes they commit and the methods they used are seen unfavorably by many people. They do not respect anyone and take everything they want.

They do not practice the principles that are listed and explained above as the reason why a jihad should be done. They do not conform to what they should treat also the prisoners. They even commit more crimes rather than promoting what is good. They already passed the boundaries that give them the reason to do what they are doing and just put other Muslims and even the converts to a negative position by the other people who are against jihad.

The Muslim law in Singapore: The 4 ways to declare a divorce

The marriage process is one that is not easy and living the life together in one house is also not easy. Because of this cycle of life, men and women can become tired of their life and they can lose their love towards their spouse. Both sides can be able to want to separate or one of the side wants to end the marriage. In the law of the world, their is divorce and it is also applicable in Muslim law. Let’s learn how could it be initiated.

the three first steps are for the female ones to do and the last one is the male. Even if there are three ways for the female but the male is a much-given privilege as they can just say they will separate or will have divorce even without reason and it could be done. But before it will proceed to the process to end the marriage by divorce, they must first attend the counseling. After that, they can proceed with the process.

It is good to know that there is also the consideration of approving a divorce in the law of the Muslims. That is because there could be cases that they kill the woman so that the honor of the family would be maintained. Or they can also pour acid into their face for them to be disfigured. The women should receive their rights even the very basic one of being protected physically from harm even to family members.

The 10 suggested ways to practice for a Muslimah to be productive

You may have heard of the comment that women who are mothers are all gathered and talk about anything all day long without doing anything. Or they can do their household chores and then gather all together and look for things to discuss. They do not find other things to do but are just concerned about the household work and then nothing. There are still people like that and in the Muslim faith, they have also their own teaching for an ideal woman. Here are the suggested ways.

The things written above are suggested ways so that a woman can be productive. It can be an ideal one but cannot be done is some Muslim countries who look at a woman as not equal to men. Women cannot study as freely as other men. They can have some level of study but it will stop because they would be married off or the parents decide they should not continue as it is for men to have that achievement or right.

If a mother is not educated and marries at a very young age then she cannot have not much to teach also to her children. They will just end at the state that she was in and the cycle would just continue. At this times, there are many women who are doing their part to let this culture not flourish so much. They are rallying for the women to be respected and receive their own right religiously and legally.

Learning about the benefits of prayer for believers in 4 aspects

For the Christian people, prayer is a part of their life and they practice it devotionally as they have understood that it is important. They can be able to feel close to the one they believe if they pray. That is also the same to the Muslim people. They will have benefits when they pray to their god. The Muslims are known to pray much because they have the appointed times of the day that they should pray. Here is the illustration of the different benefits.

In the first aspect that is given, prayer can contribute to the spiritual aspect of a person life. If a person does not believe in a higher being then he cannot pray because he does not know whom to offer his prayer. He then cannot, in turn, have spiritual life and will just live knowing that all is done because of what he does. It can also connect to other aspects of emotional aspect. If you only depend on yourself then you may view others as weak.

You can also have a different emotion toward something compared to others. That is why it is important to pray so that we could be given what we ask for that is deemed right not just because we want it. Also in the physical aspect, we are humans and we can become weak. If we do not have god then we will just rely on the treatment this world can do and may make every effort to live more on this earth.


Learning about the different strict rules imposed on interfaith marriage

One of the greatest life events to a person is getting married. There are many who are afraid of it and do not want to undergo it. Others are still thinking if they should enter and others have no doubt and happily embrace the marriage life. The wedding ceremony is valued by many and so they make every effort to prepare for it but those who cannot afford an expensive one can go chose to make it simple. But there can be the problem in religion.

In Islam too they have their own rule to implement in this matter. We can come to understand that the Muslim rule is also the political or civil rule. That is why the Islam religion goes with the law if that is a country where many are originally Muslims by virtue of birth or the place they had stayed. In the infographic, it was presented how an interfaith marriage would be decided. If it is valid then it can proceed but if it is not they cannot.

You can read that when a man or woman will marry, they should marry a Muslim. They are prohibited to marry unbelievers even in Christian or Jew for the female and in the male side, their can be special cases. In case of a married man converting to the Islam religion, his wife should also convert so that their marriage will be considered valid by the Muslim law. Like these, the law and faith are implemented together.

The 8 types of veils designed for women as a covering

One of the common practice you can see on the Muslims is that they wear veils as a covering. In different countries, they have their own standard or veils that is common for them. That is why you can see that they have differences in style and design. For others people that are not Muslim, they use caps and other head and hair accessories as a covering. But because Muslim has their own faith and so the women have veils. Here are some examples.

The first one that is explained is the niqab that covers all except the eyes. The length of it also varies and you can see the image illustration in the infographic. You can see many women who use this kind of veil. The next type is the hijab that it seems more common as more Muslim are seen wearing it except in countries that are strict into the implementation. It covers the hair and neck but the face is not covered as compared to the first one.

You can see more of the other veils that are presented in the infographic. one of the interesting one types is the burqa that covers all the face, neck and shoulder and there is only a mesh clothe positioned in the eyes part so that they could see. It varies in countries as those in India may expose the eyes or the face. Whatever type they are, they are meant for covering for the female gender.

The short answers to the 10 misconceptions about the prophet of Muslims

As the rise of Islam is spreading all throughout the world, there are misconceptions that are also found. It can be understood because there are no Muslims in every place of the earth and so they cannot be educated immediately. but if they would know the truth then they will understand that all are lies. That is why there is a movement to let people know about Islam and that they can be able to become one. Let us see first the list of the misunderstandings or myths.

The first one is that a prophet is a crazy man but if you will read what he had written you cannot see any proof. They say in defense that why would Allah allow a mad person to write the book for him. That is why even if he is illiterate, he was able to write the book and that means he was chosen by Allah and so he became the prophet who wrote the book for the foundation of the faith of many people.

Another myth is that the prophet has copied the content of the Quran from the bible. It was explained that there is no version of the Bible in the Arabic language and so the prophet cannot copy it. regarding also his marriage to a young female. It is natural for them at that time to marry even if they are young in age. So he is not a pedophile and a molester of a child either.

The five pillars of Islam that are mandatory to be practiced by every believer

If you want to know about Islam then you have to know also the five pillars that s the foundation of the faith of the believers. The other kinds of worshippers must believe in one and only God and they must have this kind of faith and practice it. For the Muslims also they must believe and practice the core of their faith and that is the five pillars. If you want to be a Muslim you should build your foundation in them. Here is the infographic.

The number one foundation is to believe in Allah and consider him as the one and only god. They have to declare their faith pronouncing the words that are a standard to all the Muslims. They profess their faith in Allah and acknowledge also that Muhammad is a prophet. The second foundation is to pray on the set prayer times for each of the particular time of the day. In more detail, they pray every day for five times in the temple or can be anywhere.

They also practice zakat and that is to give some of their extra money for the others. They will give and it will also come back to them in any form that is good. That is why every year, they are to give their due so that it could be given to those who are in need. They have a qualification on who are the ones that can receive zakat that is given. It may be a different way but it is similar to others.