Brotherhood Among Muslim People and among Christians

Just as brotherhood exist in Christianity, brotherhood also exist in Islam. The relationship between them are so absurd that if someone hurts their brother, they will revenge. They apply the law written in their Quran, an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth.

This is why if someone kills their brother, they will also kill the killer or the relative of the killer. The do not want that any of their members are being mocked and ridiculed by someone. There is a case that a Muslim was with among the Christians, playing with them.

However, accidentally, the Christian boy hit the Muslim man. What happened next is that the Muslim reported the incident to his kin. The kin went out very angry and shouted mocking and ridiculing the Christian boy saying that he must die to pay what happened. In fact, it was just a trivial matter that happened. The Muslim Boy was not hurt that much and he was not even wounded at all.


However, the problem became big as if the Christian boy did something deadly cause.  This is why brotherhood among Muslims are very dangerous. If one brother was hurt, all Muslim acquaintances will come out and punish the culprit. This kind of brotherhood is so different from the teachings of Christianity. For Christians, a victim has to forgive a person seventy seven times seven. For if we can forgive, we are worthy to be called humans. Humans should forgive each other in order to live peacefully and happily.