Differences Between Christians and Muslim

The differences between Islam and Christians between are like heaven and earth. All the teachings of Christians are different from the teachings of Islam. The commandments of Islam are far from the commandments of Jesus. For example, in terms of marriage, polygamy is allowed for Muslim but Christians only accept monogamy.

Dressing is far from each other. Christians do not dress using the Abaya. However, just many Christians wear dress but not all are doing it. There are so many things that we can see differences between Christians and Muslim especially in the food that we eat.

Muslim have many foods that are forbidden to eat compared to Christians. A lot of people think that Islam is worst when it comes to terrorism. A lot of people know that many terrorism happens in Muslim country and many terrorist come from Muslim country. Terrorism is tolerated in all the country but Christians can not tolerate them. This created a distance between Christians and Muslims. Christianity does not teach killing.

Christians have the freedom to transfer from different denomination to the other. They have the freedom to listen the teachings of different religion. However, it is different in the case of Muslims. Muslims can not listen to other religion. No matter what happens, Muslims can not shift to other religion because if they do this, they will be persecuted by their head. There are many Muslims who were put to death after finding out that they changed religion. In this case, it is somehow scary.