Learning about the different strict rules imposed on interfaith marriage

One of the greatest life events to a person is getting married. There are many who are afraid of it and do not want to undergo it. Others are still thinking if they should enter and others have no doubt and happily embrace the marriage life. The wedding ceremony is valued by many and so they make every effort to prepare for it but those who cannot afford an expensive one can go chose to make it simple. But there can be the problem in religion.

In Islam too they have their own rule to implement in this matter. We can come to understand that the Muslim rule is also the political or civil rule. That is why the Islam religion goes with the law if that is a country where many are originally Muslims by virtue of birth or the place they had stayed. In the infographic, it was presented how an interfaith marriage would be decided. See this best catering service that you may want to try see this link here. If it is valid then it can proceed but if it is not they cannot.

You can read that when a man or woman will marry, they should marry a Muslim. They are prohibited to marry unbelievers even in Christian or Jew for the female and in the male side, their can be special cases. In case of a married man converting to the Islam religion, his wife should also convert so that their marriage will be considered valid by the Muslim law. Like these, the law and faith are implemented together. Find this best party event planner. See this site More info are given here.

  • September 21, 2010
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