The 8 types of veils designed for women as a covering

One of the common practice you can see on the Muslims is that they wear veils as a covering. In different countries, they have their own standard or veils that is common for them. That is why you can see that they have differences in style and design. For others people that are not Muslim, they use caps and other head and hair accessories as a covering. But because Muslim has their own faith and so the women have veils. Here are some examples.

The first one that is explained is the niqab that covers all except the eyes. The length of it also varies and you can see the image illustration in the infographic. You can see many women who use this kind of veil. The next type is the hijab that it seems more common as more Muslim are seen wearing it except in countries that are strict into the implementation. It covers the hair and neck but the face is not covered as compared to the first one. And making your market online will gonna help you solve your financial problem. By using search engine optimisation you can have the best source of optimizing your traffic online. This technique is use by many businesses today.

You can see more of the other veils that are presented in the infographic. one of the interesting one types is the burqa that covers all the face, neck and shoulder and there is only a mesh clothe positioned in the eyes part so that they could see. It varies in countries as those in India may expose the eyes or the face. Whatever type they are, they are meant for covering for the female gender. Making sure that you get the services that you need is their top priority always.

  • February 13, 2010
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