The short answers to the 10 misconceptions about the prophet of Muslims

As the rise of Islam is spreading all throughout the world, there are misconceptions that are also found. It can be understood because there are no Muslims in every place of the earth and so they cannot be educated immediately. but if they would know the truth then they will understand that all are lies. That is why there is a movement to let people know about Islam and that they can be able to become one. Let us see first the list of the misunderstandings or myths.

The first one is that a prophet is a crazy man but if you will read what he had written you cannot see any proof. They say in defense that why would Allah allow a mad person to write the book for him. That is why even if he is illiterate, he was able to write the book and that means he was chosen by Allah and so he became the prophet who wrote the book for the foundation of the faith of many people. Look info about this great anti pest company service. They got the best and unique techniques to clean up mess from your environment, open this 除蟲公司. Good and trustworthy company.

Another myth is that the prophet has copied the content of the Quran from the bible. It was explained that there is no version of the Bible in the Arabic language and so the prophet cannot copy it. regarding also his marriage to a young female. It is natural for them at that time to marry even if they are young in age. So he is not a pedophile and a molester of a child either.

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