The five pillars of Islam that are mandatory to be practiced by every believer

If you want to know about Islam then you have to know also the five pillars that s the foundation of the faith of the believers. The other kinds of worshippers must believe in one and only God and they must have this kind of faith and practice it. For the Muslims also they must believe and practice the core of their faith and that is the five pillars. If you want to be a Muslim you should build your foundation in them. Here is the infographic.

The number one foundation is to believe in Allah and consider him as the one and only god. They have to declare their faith pronouncing the words that are a standard to all the Muslims. They profess their faith in Allah and acknowledge also that Muhammad is a prophet. And each detail of this beauty service company is so nice and best see more information. The second foundation is to pray on the set prayer times for each of the particular time of the day. In more detail, they pray every day for five times in the temple or can be anywhere.

They also practice zakat and that is to give some of their extra money for the others. They will give and it will also come back to them in any form that is good. That is why every year, they are to give their due so that it could be given to those who are in need. They have a qualification on who are the ones that can receive zakat that is given like this company service 雙眼皮手術. It may be a different way but it is similar to others.

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