Religion: Islam Doctrines

Islam is another religion that talks about Allah, their God.

Allah is their one and only Savior according to their Quran. Many people think that Allah is just a prophet of the church. However, people believe in his existence as the supreme being.

Muhammad is the prophet sent by Allah. All the teachings of Quran were iven to Muhammad and Muhammad delivers them to his people.

They have to celebrate the Ramadan. Ramadan is a month fasting of the Muslim in relation to the time Allah had given his word to Muhammad. In relation to their fasting, they must not eat or drink anything for from sunrise to sundown for a month.

They must observe going to Mecca. Going to Mecca is the biggest achievement of a Muslim. Mecca is where all Muslims gather to learn many teachings of Allah. The reason why this is called the holy land of Muslim is because this is the birthplace of their prophet.

They are not allowed to eat Pork. Muslim cursed pork. This is a dirty food for them. All foods that has pork are never eaten by Muslims.

They are not allowed to drink. Drinking alcohol is a big no to Muslim. This is because drinking alcohol is a way of the world. It is a secular thing that people engage in.

They are suppose to wear abaya. Abaya is the number one identity of Muslim by physical appearance. This is because all Muslim are required to use it most especially in an aggressive Muslim country.

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